Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bombay Residence

This is the link to the hotel where i am going to stay on the beach...It is right on Juhu beach. It only has 32 rooms and I think I am really going to enjoy spending three days there.  Also is located real close to the airport. If you need to track me down, this is where I will be the nights of 24, 25 and 26 Nov.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final Countdown...

To my dismay, after doing some googling, it seems it is illegal for someone to have an Elephant on the streets of Bombay. I am not going to let anything stop me in my goal of finding one and riding one. If I fail at this task I will be so disappointed. So if anyone knows of anywhere where I can achieve this dream of mine I would be so appreciative of any help or information. With my luck there will be an endless supply of snakes to scare the hell out of me. I am trying to prepare myself for the mass of people and crowds I am to encounter but I think that it will be overwhelming for me. Bellis Fair on a busy weekend full of Canadians is too much for me to handle. I am looking forward to getting a henna tattoo during the wedding celebration I will be attending and that is probably as close as I will ever get to the real thing. I want to experience everything but I fear 3 weeks will not even be close to enough time and I wish I was going during a time of one of their festivals for they sound so interesting...maybe next time..